About Us

Sendhippo bridge the gap between your business and your customers. Build long-lasting relationships that work both ways with our email campaign software.

SendHippo - an email automation software, is built out of the need of customers like YOU! We want to provide a solution to the everyday needs of marketers and startups that struggle to pay hefty prices for the tools built for large corporations. We wanted to create a marketing tool & email campaign software that is easy to comprehend, affordable and integrates into your daily professional life.

Our tool is made around bulk email service and email marketing. And to provide more in less, we add email newsletter software with other tools.

And here we are with SendHippo. Your one-stop solution to creating the marketing campaigns that don’t cost you an arm and a leg. We have kept medium-sized and small enterprises in mind while creating the solutions, prices, and features. Whether you need to create beautiful email newsletters, marketing campaigns, landing pages or need bulk email service, SendHippo is here to help you!

SendHippo is ready to serve you with their cloud-based email marketing marketing tools. How can we be of help?

The Team

Innovation is the essence that drive our team and passion is at the core of our every innovation.

We are here with only one mission: To make your everyday professional life as easy as we can.

Our team is driven, passionate and works day & night to provide you with the best marketing solution in the industry.

SendHippo team knows no borders when it comes to providing excellence to our global customer base.

Career Opportunities

The only thing we believe in is teamwork and collaborations. We bond over the only goal of SendHippo .i.e. To provide excellent marketing solutions to all the professionals out there making their lives better and easier. Every team member at SendHippo is encouraged to think outside of the box and grow alongside the company. The work environment at SendHippo is encouraging, innovative, and positive.