Follow your sending statistics in real time

Detailed Insights of Your Target Audience

Get to know more about your audience thanks to our campaign reports

Offering the ultimate insights required to close more deals

Don’t know what works with your targeted customers and what doesn’t? Solve this mystery by tracking all of your marketing campaigns and find out everything there, even the tiniest details, about your prospects and use them to get ahead of everyone.

Pay Close attention to open and click rate

Email Campaign Statistics

Open rate and click rate tells a lot about the campaigns and these statistics tell us if the campaign was a success or not.

Track the exact numbers of open and clicks your emails or newsletters get and use the same to understand your audience.

Analyze the results of campaign tracking and key performance indicators to know if there is a room for improvement.

Numbers can paint the whole picture and with our detail-oriented statistics, including open, click and engagement rates, which cover all the aspects of your campaigns and key performance indicators can help you perfect your future campaigns.

Know where your product/service is loved

The biggest question for any global brand is where their product or service is used the most. And with SendHippo’s campaign tracking and reports feature you will get a detailed report of the whereabouts of your prospects. This will enable you to send the campaigns at an appropriate time increasing the effectiveness of your campaign.

Understand Your Strong Points via Heatmaps

Get a clear vision of what piqued your prospect’s interest and made them click on your links

Email Campaign Statistics

Identify the effective content in your newsletters using our heat maps and tailor them accordingly in the future for achieving the desired results.

Give what your prospects or clients like and enhance the user experience and produce effective newsletters by optimizing readability.

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Track Every Campaign & Go the Distance with SendHippo

Marketing Automation Workflow

Is crunching numbers your favorite part of the day? love analyzing data and turning into some actionable insights? Then SendHippo is the perfect tool to track your campaigns which provide just the numbers you require to take your business to the next level.

Get Notified in Real-Time

Time plays an important role in deciding the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

Monitor closely the engagement & click rates as they occur and get live updates in your SendHippo dashboard and use them to make more practical and beneficial decisions.

Learn at every step of your marketing campaigns in real time and get an advantage over your competition.

Downloadable Insights and Results

Take your data with anywhere with you. Sendhippo enables you to download your campaign tracking and reports in a matter of seconds in PDF or CSV format. Now easily share the insights & results of your campaign with your team members for more advanced data analysis.